Terms of Etra Travel


1. Conclusion of the contract

1.1 With your booking you provide us with the conclusion of a binding travel contract to. This can be written, it orally or by telephone. Also, the travel booking for traveling companions listed by an agent is valid. For us

the contract is binding by sending a booking confirmation with price- and list of participants.

1.2 If our confirmation differs from the content of your application, we are at this more 10 Bound days.

2. Payment

Contract with a deposit of 10% payable per passenger. The balance will be later than 5 Weeks before your departure, unless otherwise agreed. If the final payment of, goes out of the travel contract. Cancellation fees will be due immediately. The tour operator may pay the traveler on the trip price before the end of travel demand or accept only if he gives the traveler a security certificate.

3. Services

Power base is the description from the tour confirmation, if another itinerary was as mentioned in the prospectus. For third-party services on site, we assume no liability.

4. Prices

The tour price can be changed later, unless unforeseen changes in price components arising. These include; Transport costs, Airport charges, Forex- and exchange rates and oil prices. Is allowed but only an increase of the price of up to 5%. A higher rate requires the consent of the customer.

5. Resignation

5.1 The customer can withdraw at any time prior to the start of the trip. What counts is the receipt of the written assignment.

5.2 Cancellation

If the flights concerned Etra Travel:


from 40.Tag 22 days prior to departure, we reserve the fare

from the 21st day to the 15th day before departure, we reserve the airfare and 10% of the price a

from Day 14 to Day07 before departure, we reserve the airfare and 20% of the price a

from Day06 Day 01 prior to departure, we reserve 80% of the price a.

for non-commencement of the journey, we reserve 90% of the price a.

If Etra tour flights not worried:

from the 21st day to the 15th day before departure, we reserve 10% of the price a.

from Day 14 to Day07 before departure, we reserve the airfare and 20% of the price a

from Day06 to Day04 before departure, we reserve 30% of the price a.

from Day03 Day 01 prior to departure, we reserve 40% of the price a.

for non-commencement of the journey, we reserve 60% of the price a.

5.3 The cancellation costs relating to individual members of the group travel. If more than 10% the participants a trip back, We reserve the right, to distribute the additional costs incurred on the remaining participants. In the non-attainment of the minimum number of participants we can withdraw from the travel contract as organizer.

5.4 Free transfers are available to the 35th day before departure and notify the organizer in writing.

6. Cancellation by the tour

If the corresponding minimum number of participants to 5 Weeks is not reached prior to departure, the organizer may withdraw from the contract.

7. Cancellation of the contract due to exceptional circumstances

Organizers and participants may cancel the travel contract due to force majeure. The organizer has the right to claim compensation for services rendered.

8. Liability of the organizer

The tour operator is liable under the duty of care of a prudent businessman; the conscientious preparation of the journey, the careful selection and monitoring of service providers, the accuracy of performance description, the proper provision of the services contracted. The liability extends to negligence of the persons providing the services of the organizer.

9. Limitation of Liability

9.1 The contractual liability of the tour operator for damages, which are not physical damage, is limited to three times the price, where is the traveler's loss is not caused by intent or gross negligence or if the tour operator for damages incurred by the traveler solely because of the fault of a service provider responsible.

9.2 Tortious liability

A claim for damages against the tour operator is restricted to the extent, according to international agreements or statutory provisions based, which are applicable to the services of a service provider, a claim for damages against the service provider only under certain conditions or limitations may be asserted or is excluded under certain conditions. For all claims for damages by the customer against the organizer tort, not based on intent or gross negligence, the organizer is liable for personal injury to 25.000,00 € per customer and travel. The rate for property damage liability shall not exceed 4.000,00 € per customer and travel. Liability cap for aviation transportation is 27 € per kg of luggage to a maximum of € 550.00 a. Passengers are advised in their own interest to take out travel insurance baggage.

9.3 A liability does not apply to third party services unless they are marked as such

9.4 Obligations of the Traveler

The traveler is obliged to inform the tour leader at abuses occurring and this is mandated remedy, as far as possible, afford to. Should the traveler culpably the defect to, stand it no claims to. Claims are within one month of the contractual end of the trip in writing, crucial is access, submitted to the organizer. Should the traveler culpably, to account for these claims. Claims barred by 6 Months from the end of the trip. During an assertion of the statute of limitations is suspended. The participant must bring his claims on his own behalf.

10. Pass, Visa, Customs, Forex, and health regulations

If it is possible to tour operators, he will inform the customer about important changes in the general given in the travel regulations prior to travel. The tour operator is not liable for the timely issuance of visas required by the respective diplomatic representation, if the traveler has asked the tour operator to procure this, unless, that the tour operator is responsible for the delay. The traveler is responsible for compliance of all, for the provision of travel, important rules responsible. The tour operator is responsible for ensuring, Nationals of the State, in which the trip is offered, about passport-, Visa, und

Health regulations, that are known or should be known to him exercising the necessary due diligence in, possibly as far as their. To inform changes before departure. Citizens of other countries contact the relevant consulate information. If entry requirements can not be met by the traveler, so that he must not take or break the journey, he has to bear the costs incurred for.

11. Travel insurance

We recommend taking out travel insurance and travel accident- and baggage insurance.

12. Complain to the tour operator are at its registered office ( Istanbul ) raise.